Introduction to Gender-Affirming Voice
Mondays June 26 to July 24
5:00 to 6:30 pm

Join us for an exciting 5-session program, "Introduction to Gender-Affirming Voice Care," designed to help individuals who seek a voice that better aligns with their identity. Our aim is to provide a strong foundation in knowledge, techniques, and exercises for gender-affirming voice care, making it an accessible and affordable starting point. 

The staff for this program brings together expertise and passion in gender-affirming voice care. It will be facilitated by Moti Lieberman, a Speech-Language Pathology Intern with a decade of experience in language acquisition and a deep interest in the field. It will also be supervised by Stephanie Harvey, a highly experienced Speech-Language Pathologist with an extensive 25+ years of experience and a dedication in recent years to expanding her knowledge in this part of the field.

We are committed to ensuring accessibility, and the program fee is set at $200. However, if cost poses a barrier, we invite you to pay what you can afford, with no questions asked (ranging from $0 to $200).

While the program offers a group setting, we understand the value of individualized care. For those seeking a personalized approach to meet specific voice goals, we are always available for one-on-one sessions. These sessions involve a comprehensive voice assessment, customized exercises, and targeted feedback tailored to your needs.

Join us on this journey towards finding your authentic voice!

Please note: This program can only be offered in Manitoba, Ontario, PEI, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, and the Yukon, due to registration requirements for Speech-Language Pathologists.