Gender-Affirming Voice

I help people to communicate so they can connect with: 


their communities,

and the world!

Live your authentic life!

Why pursue gender-affirming voice care?

Gender-affirming voice care can help you

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What is gender-affirming voice care?

Gender-affirming voice care helps you cultivate a voice that reflects who you really are!

We begin with an evaluation to understand you, your voice, and your communication goals. 

Then I help you to develop a healthy, flexible voice, which may involve adjustments to your environment and habits, along with tailored exercises (similar to physio for your vocal folds!). Together, we explore various changes to help you sound and feel your best. We experiment with pitch, resonance, speech rate, intonation, and articulation. We may also explore word choice and body language—any part of communication that helps you show the world your true self! As we progress, I help you use your voice in all areas of your life.

Why choose me for Gender-Affirming Voice Care? 

I have 29 years' experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist. I am deeply committed to the trans and gender-diverse community.  I deeply appreciate the courage needed to express one's true identity.

People first approached me to do gender-affirming voice care about 10 years ago. I wanted to help, but I did not have the tools. Voice therapy is a niche area of Speech-Language Pathology. Gender-affirming voice care is a niche within a niche. When people came to me for help, I sent them to other Speech-Language Pathologists with more background in voice therapy. 

Over the years, I worried about sending people away. I wanted to make sure that people could get the help they needed to change their voice. I knew how difficult it is to access gender-affirming care. I also wanted to make sure that they were respected and valued. 

Almost 5 years ago, I made a decision to upgrade my skills. I looked for every opportunity to learn everything I could about voice care. I started with singing lessons to explore my own voice. Then I took courses in voice therapy and gender-affirming voice care. I am constantly looking for more opportunities to deepen my knowledge so that I can offer you the exceptional care that you seek. 

This journey has brought me so much joy!