Gender-Affirming Voice

I help people to communicate so they can connect with: 


their communities,

and the world!

Live your authentic life!

Why pursue gender-affirming voice care?

Gender-affirming voice care can help you

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What is gender-affirming voice care?

Gender-affirming voice care helps you cultivate a voice that truly reflects who you are!

We start with an evaluation to understand you, your voice, and your communication goals.

Then I guide you in developing a healthy, flexible voice. This may involve adjustments to your environment and habits, along with tailored exercises (like physiotherapy for your vocal folds!). Next we explore various changes to help you develop a voice that reflects the real you. We experiment with pitch, resonance, speech rate, intonation, and articulation. We may also explore word choice and body language—anything that helps you show the world your true self! As we progress, I'll support you in using your voice confidently in all areas of your life.

Why choose me for Gender-Affirming Voice Care? 

I am an experienced Speech-Language Pathologist, deeply committed to supporting the trans and gender-diverse community. I love helping people express their true selves.

People began asking me for gender-affirming voice care about a decade ago. Wanting them to get the best care, I referred them to SLPs with excellent voice therapy skills. I felt disappointed that voice was not my area of expertise, because I really wanted to be the one to help. 

Nearly five years ago, I realized I could put my dream into action and actively help the community I care so deeply about. I took singing lessons myself to get to know my own voice, participated in a robust mentorship program in voice therapy, and completed several courses specifically in gender-affirming voice care. I continue to seek out opportunities to learn so that I can provide you with the exceptional care you deserve.