Aphasia Care

I help people to communicate so they can connect with: 


their communities,

and the world!

Live life fully!

Why get Aphasia Care?

Speech-Language Pathology can help!

If communication difficulties affect your relationships, work or leisure activities, or any other aspect of your life, I am here to help!

What is Aphasia Care?

I help you to speak, understand, read and write so you can fully engage in life! 

We begin with an evaluation to find out specifically what is challenging for you, and to understand how this affects your daily life. Together, we choose meaningful goals to meet your needs. 

Next we select interactive online exercises to target the communication skills that are challenging for you. My clients benefit from the Tactus Virtual Rehab Centre, which provides exercises specially designed by Speech-Language Pathologists for people with aphasia. We gradually increase the difficulty so that you keep progressing without getting frustrated. You can even continue your exercises at home, with a free account! You'll know exactly what to do to improve your language skills between sessions.

I can also provide training for your family, friends and community members so that they can support your communication

Why choose me for Aphasia Care?

I went into Speech-Language Pathology to help people with aphasia. I have provided individual and group therapy for people with aphasia. I have helped to organize aphasia camps. I have even helped to research how online care compares to in-person care for people with post-stroke communication disorders, including aphasia. I have had many other opportunities during my career, yet my passion for aphasia continues to be a central part of my decades-long career.