Welcome to Stephanie Harvey's

online Speech-Language Pathology clinic

serving Manitoba and Ontario


Gender-Affirming Voice

I use highly individualized voice exercises to help trans and non-binary folx to craft a voice and communication style that fits who they are so they can live authentically

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I use conversational support, partner training and technology to help people with aphasia to  speak, understand, read and write so they can participate in life more completely!


I build on the strengths of my autistic clients to help them to understand and use language, so that they can feel confident communicating in the situations that are important to them. 

I reach you where you live, work or play!

Telehealth allows me to reach you wherever you live, work or play in Manitoba and Ontario. You don't have to travel, saving time, money and the environment! 

I started providing telehealth services in 2011. My research, published in 2017 in Aphasiology, led to a better understanding of its efficacy. I have taught students and other clinicians to use telehealth to provide engaging sessions, and have presented to Manitoban and Canadian clinicians.