Gender-Affirming Voice

Live your authentic life!

Why have gender-affirming voice sessions?

If you

I am here to help!

What are gender-affirming voice sessions?

I help you to craft a voice that reflects who you truly are inside. As someone with trans and nonbinary family and friends, I deeply understand the courage needed to show the world who you really are.

In the safety of my online clinic, we may explore different voices. We may work on vocal flexibility to help you make the changes you want. We may work on pitch, resonance, intonation, articulation, or even word choice or body language - any part of communication that keeps you from showing the world who you are. When you are ready, I help you to use your voice in different parts of your life.

Why go to me for Gender-Affirming Voice Care?

I am a highly supportive clinician with decades of experience. I have taken a deep dive into voice care in the past few years, and more specifically gender-affirming voice care. I started by exploring my voice in singing lessons, then took Theatre Voice and Speech Training Methods for Working With Gender-Diverse People, an intensive Mentorship for Voice Professionals, the Gender Affirming Voice Training: A Course for Voice Clinicians (twice), and the Trans Voice Intensive.

Loving and supporting my trans and non-binary family and friends has helped me understand what a gift gender diversity is, while also making me painfully aware of how much courage and stamina it takes to live authentically. 

What inspired me to offer Gender-Affirming Voice Care?

I started my career as a Speech-Language Pathologist in 1995 in the Franco-Manitoban School Division, where I saw a handful of people with voice disorders. In 2011, I joined Hello SpeechWorks where I was sometimes asked to do gender-affirming voice care. I wanted people to get exceptional care from a culturally-competent clinician with excellent voice skills, and at the time that wasn't me. I referred people to clinicians who I thought had more to offer. 

One day I said to myself "I might not be a voice care professional, but I'm not dead yet! I can do this!" And with my great love of the trans community, I set out to learn all I could to become the SLP with more to offer. I took singing lessons to get a better understanding of my own voice, then took the Mentorship for Voice Professionals with Melanie Tapson, an SLP who works exclusively in voice care. I learned so much from her! I also took Gender Affirming Voice Training: A Course for Voice Clinicians (twice) and the Trans Voice Elective. I've taken lots of other little workshops and courses, but those are the biggies.

I am so happy I had the courage to learn something new! I love what I do!